An Improved Post

August 24, 2011 at 5:21 pm (Gaming, School) (, , , , )

I am a gamer, through and through.

I play for hours, spent enjoying or cursing at events in a digital world. Of course, I get some flak for it. My parents, for one, can get frustrated with my lack of interest in academics or my lack of ambition at all. The only thing is that, well, that’s just who I am. I don’t tell people what my plan is when it comes to real life because I don’t have a plan. I know that I should  have a plan, but I don’t.

Even my blogs posts have no plan. They end up a jumble of loosely or not even closely related topics. They make no sense, so I end up deleting most of it and starting over.

Perhaps my lack of a plan will send me into obscurity and ruin. Who knows, certainly not my peers, nor my elders in my opinion. Their experience is valuable, I am sure. But I’m that kind of person who has to experience the ups and downs of my actions myself.

Only time will tell where this path I am on winds up. When I get there, I will know if it was the right choice.

Until then, I will be myself. My usual unplanned and unprepared self.

And besides…

What fun is a game when you use a walkthrough?


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What Ever Happened to Cheat Codes?

May 3, 2010 at 5:47 pm (Console Gaming, Gaming, PC Gaming) (, , , , )

Looking back on my gaming career, I’ve noticed many changes in video games overall. From improvement on the graphics, and higher quality sounds. But one question came to mind recently. What ever happened to cheat codes? They seem to have just disappeared one day, and no one looked back.

There was a time when I would jump into a game of Warcraft III with the intention of some messing around. I’d hit Enter, and type in the multiple codes. Whosyourdaddy, enter. Iseedeadpeople, enter. Etcetera.

But now, there’s nothing like that left. Sure, you’ve got your high quality FPS, or your mind boggling puzzles. But I miss those games where I could just mess around.

Maybe Open-World games and Meta Gaming have replaced them. It doesn’t feel that way to me… Maybe Action Replays, Gamesharks, or Codebreakers pushed them away. But those “codes” aren’t intentionally put there by the creators.

To me, the days of the Contra type Up, Up, Down, Down are gone. Like a fading ripple on a pond. All I want is to have some fun with invincibility or one-hit-kills, but it seems the average gamer of today doesn’t want that.

I’ll take some fun with cheats over a simple digital achievement any day.

And because they asked, I’ll mention Jason and Brian.

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In the world of me

September 23, 2009 at 3:38 pm (Gaming, School) (, , , )


For the past few days, a friend of mine (he knows who he is), has been pestering me to update my blog. So here it is, I’ve updated. But for future reference: If I haven’t updated bi-weekly, then I have nothing to say. Or I’m busy.

*End Mini-rant*
On to something worth reading.
All my life, people have called me strange. I don’t deny that I am. I’ve imagined scenarios with various characters when I listen to music. Sometimes I would dream about them as well. Over time they’ve become more developed, come to have names, personalities. I Role play with them, a few I used for Dungeons & Dragons. Most of them have back stories, which I hope to someday make into a game. This isn’t the only thing my imagination brings to life. I’ve brought toys and trinkets to have small stories, I’ve pretended my calculator was some kind of futuristic car. I’ve imagined epic battles between stick figures in a doodle. In my world, I am a ninja. In my world, I am the crazy guy down the street. In my world, I am a complete computer geek. In my world I am me.
So the moral of this post: If you have a problem with me, go away. Because I will always be me.
On another note: I was listening to Brian Regan while typing this. (Comedian)

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Good moods

July 17, 2009 at 9:21 am (Gaming) (, , )

I’ve recently realized that when I’m in a good mood, I give out advice. Many people tend to find this annoying. Especially when It’s during a game of Combat Arms. I’ll kill someone, and say something useful.

Such as:
Kill one with a grenade – “Useful advice! Don’t walk into frags!”
Kill one with a sniper – “Find better cover!”
Kill one with a pistol/knife – “Pay better attention!”
Kill while they’re typing – “Don’t stop to chat!”
Kill them while camping – “Be less predictable!”
Any “Useful” tips that you give people (in a good mood or not)?

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Theres no doubt now

July 11, 2009 at 10:10 pm (Gaming) (, , , , , )

Theres no doubt, I’m a geek.
List of reasons I’m a geek now:
-I have a facebook
-I have a twitter
-I have this blog
-I program C++
-I know waaaaay too much Warcraft lore
-I hang out with other geeks
And… I’m getting my first pair of glasses…. In 6-9 bussiness days that is.
Oh, and my mom says my birth certificate came in a pocket protector.
Definatly no doubt.

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