Update + Gaming as a Sport

February 26, 2011 at 12:49 pm (Books, Console Gaming, Gaming, Other, PC Gaming) (, , , , )

Hello all! It’s been a long while since I last posted, but here I am with an update!


First off I wanted to ask a simple question; Would you consider gaming as a major league sport?

For me, who sees gaming as more than just a pass time, gaming is a huge sport. One that incorporates many ideas similar to current sports. And before I go on, to those of you who say gaming isn’t a sport because of it requiring no physical exertion, let me ask you this in response; How is golf a sport, when it requires little to know physical exertion besides walking and swinging?

The answer is simple. The game of golf is a big mental game. You have to calculate wind speeds, trajectory, angle, slopes, everything. In gaming you have to think in the same manner, “how will going this way affect my chances as success?” “How will this shortcut help?” “How much do I have to lead my shot to hit this moving target?”

If the gaming to golf comparison isn’t a good one for you, think of it this way. Gaming is to Sport as Starcraft is to Chess. And trust me on this one, Starcraft is like a giant game of chess on crack.

I don’t have a huge amount to say on this subject, but I wanted to get that out there. Feel free to give some rebuttals, I’d love a good debate on this topic.


But onwards from that, I’d like to share some about the book series I’ve recently finished.

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. All five parts of the original trilogy.

It’s got everything from space travel to time travel, the end of the universe, the beginning of the universe. The answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything (But coincidentally no question to go with said answer) to a Chronically Depressed Robot.

I’ve never enjoyed reading nonsense in the way I did with the Hitchhikers guide, and I wanted to share that with you. Go read it, as slow as a top speed cheetah inside a plummeting whale with a bowl of petunias on it’s head.


I like video games if you haven’t noticed. If you haven’t noticed you should realize that from the previous statement.

There are new games coming out that I am highly anticipating, some of these are Portal 2 and Battlefield 3. And perhaps the humorous coming of Duke Nukem Forever (Though I really just want to see what kind of drama that creates between brand new fanboys and die-hard ‘not as good as the old ones’ people).

For those of you who don’t keep up on gaming trends, Portal 2 is the sequel to the greatest puzzle game in history (In my world at the very least). It sports an incredible mechanic between two interconnecting portals (Speedy thing goes in, speedy thing comes out), a sarcastic robot bent on having killed and luring you with baked goods (You will be baked, and then there will be cake), and an amazing song that most everybody knows. (Video for if you missed this piece of work.)


Battlefield 3 is the true successor to Battlefield 2 (Who knew? Right?). It will include a Singleplayer, and a Multiplayer (Never saw that coming, did you?). The Multiplayer is the main focus, including Jets, Prone (Which was not included in and one of the big complaints with BFBC2), and a whopping support for 64 players at a time*. I am really excited for this one, and it promises to be huge.


That’s all for this update, and will hopefully get around to writing again soon.


*64 player online support for PC version only.


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Summer Update

June 22, 2010 at 8:09 pm (Books, Console Gaming, Gaming, PC Gaming) (, , )

Well, almost a week of summer vacation is already over for me. I’ve been visiting family, playing games and reading through all of it.

To start off, currently I am doing the following on a daily basis.

  • Trying to teach myself how to work a guitar
  • Playing Battlefield Bad Company 2
  • Playing Team Fortress 2
  • Playing Garry’s Mod
  • Rereading the Night Angel Trilogy
  • Chores

My guitar work is going slowly. Like if you were to put a snail on a treadmill just fast enough to where the snail was just barely moving forward. I’m working on stretching my fingers so that I can reach all of the strings I need to.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 is still a great game. Still can’t get enough of it. Currently rank 19, working on unlocking everything for Engineer and Assault.

Team Fortress 2 is slow for me, I haven’t messed with it much, but I’m working towards Hat #2.

Garry’s Mod is what I play to just do nothing. Spawn NPCs, kill them. rinse, repeat.

I’m rereading the Night Angel Trilogy because I like it that much. If you’ve never heard of it, I recommended it. Only if you like slightly darker fantasy type novels.

E3 had news on games I’m really interested in.

Fable 3 looks interesting because of the way they’re implementing Action Adventure with managing an empire.


Civilization V is changing the Turn Based Strategy  Genre still.


Kirby’s Epic Yarn, because only Nintendo can make Yarn epic.


And last, but most certainly not least. Portal 2. Love the trailer. Love the gameplay video. Cannot wait.


Now, let’s hope there aren’t any delays.

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Dim-Sum and Beer

October 20, 2009 at 8:00 pm (Books, Other, School) (, , , )

What do they have in common?

They were both the topics of the first two tweet-ups I went to. Both times I went with my mom and my step-dad. The first one was a small one, we had dim-sum and talked about current happenings. It was like any other time, meeting new people and learning a bit about them. The second one was a bit more interesting. It was a tweet-up at the Mac and Jack’s Brewery. Yes, brewery. The place they make beer (No I didn’t have any). We toured the place – it was small, I was surprised. Again, I met new people, learned about some interesting things.

Now that I’ve had a taste of this drink called a tweet-up, I want to see how large the cup is –  how much I can learn from it.

Other than doing that, Homecoming is on Saturday, and so far as I know, I’m going alone. Hopefully that will change soon, but if not, oh well.

I got the second book in the Night Angel Trilogy as well. I got it on Saturday, I’m almost done with it today.

So, all in all, here’s to trying new things, and hoping you don’t get left without a group or person to go to a big dance with!

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To catch up

August 13, 2009 at 10:31 pm (Books, School) (, , )

I know it’s been longer than a week since my last post, but with all that has been going on, I haven’t really thought about it.
The summer seems to be nearing the end. School starts back up in a few weeks, and I’m still not done with C++ or my books.
So far I’ve done four chapters of C++ coding. Fun, if not tedious (The effects of little errors and the need for exact punctuation and capitalization can be frustrating, or forgetting that one little tiny semi-colon).
Other than that I’ve done a lot of my Japanese work, and can recognize a few characters from Hirigana right off the bat. Though my speaking of it needs more work… Katakana is a whole other story.
I read The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks, the first book in the “Night Angel” Trilogy.
Great. Book.
Though I’m not a fan of the cliffhanger, I love the characters and the storyline.
I won’t spoil any of it, but I have to say many things were not expected.
I love the darker tone to the book, it’s a change from the classic fantasy types that I’ve read.
Next I’m going to read Treasure Island by Louis Stevenson.
Most people should know this book, and I’m pretty interested in what it has to offer.

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July 23, 2009 at 6:45 pm (Books) (, )

“We Need You to Lead Us.”

A book by Seth Godin, who also wrote Purple Cow and Meatball Sundae.
This book talks about leaders and tribes. It also talks about change.
Here are some things I got out of this book;
-Tribes aren’t limited by physical boundaries now, with the internet tribes can be spread across the world.
-Leading and managing are two completly different things.
-Nothing is “stable” and change will always happen.
-You don’t have to be at the top to lead.
-You can’t just grow, you need to desire change and stregthen comunication.
-Keeping the status quo won’t let you win.
-People don’t change because they fear what will happen,
-But initative leads to happiness.
-Being afraid to fail isn’t an excuse anymore. (You won’t know till you try.)
-Tightening the current members of a tribe is a better idea than making the tribe bigger.
-No two leaders are alike, but they all decide to lead. They aren’t afraid of change, they initiate it.
-Groups grow because people spread the word, not because the leader spreads the word.

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