My View of Internet Piracy

January 4, 2012 at 4:07 pm (Other) (, , )

With the promising news of SOPA coming under fire and the irritating revelation that the NDAA passed, I figured that I’d share my views of online piracy.


I’ve always seen piracy as rarely a price issue. It’s most commonly a service issue.

The simple fact of the matter is that some people find pirating services to be more convenient than official services.

So how do you stop piracy and save the entertainment industry from losing their minimal amount of money? Well, you can’t and quite frankly, they have more than enough money already. However, you can make your service more convenient than that of a pirate.

Why do you think that so many people use iTunes and Steam?

Simple. These distributors are usually hassle free (Apple’s absurd screening process and Steam’s ability to crash at random times, I’m looking at you), it organizes all of your files for you and it makes it easy to access all of your purchased material.

It’s not enough to own the rights to selling a product. Piracy creates a forced competition against something that cannot be eliminated. It’s, in the end, good for a company. It forces them to be better than the pirates.

That being said, you will never end piracy. Someone will always steal a product. Cost, boredom, malicious intent, the reason doesn’t matter. It will happen, it has always happened.

And no, I do not condone to stealing via piracy. I simply see it as an evil that will never go away. Even if the internet was shut down, you’d still have people burning CDs and DVDs.



  1. Swagger McSwag said,

    Although your views are reasonable, you still see piracy as stealing which does not make much sense to me. Piracy is not about stealing and taking something for yourself so others can not have it, but about copying and mass production of files. If I make a copy of your car and leave you with your original copy, is it stealing?

    Some may argue that piracy results in a loss of revenue. Although piracy does have an effect on the overall profit of a product, the loss is not in sales but potential sales. A potential sale is not a sale, in fact it is far from it. I could say that I have the potential to sell my used batteries, yet I probably won’t make a profit off them because it does not interest the consumer. Just because you can sell it does not mean you should. The issue is that piracy will create an increase in loss of potential sales because, as you said, consumers may feel there is an easier way to obtain your product that works better for them.

    • Tyler Reid said,

      I do not see piracy as stealing, I said that I do not condone stealing via piracy.

      I do agree that it’s not loss of sales, because saying that is assuming that everyone that pirates something would buy it if given the chance. Which, obviously, isn’t true.

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