Older, but still too young to drive.

December 2, 2009 at 7:51 pm (Other, School) (, , , )

So I just turned 15 yesterday. I would’ve posted about it then, but I got home from Ignite Seattle about midnight. So, I’ll talk about my birthday on the day after.

To start things off that day, I woke up to my alarm clock. Like usual. I got ready for school, went down stairs. Ate a quick breakfast and got a happy birthday from my mom. I left for school and heard happy birthday from my friend Sterling. Got on the bus and listened to music. Got off the bus and met up with Tiffany in front of the library. She gave me a poem and a package of Pocky. It was pretty funny, the way she was getting kinda flustered and embarrassed. But I thanked her as the bell rang and we hugged quickly and were off to our separate classes.

No one in science knew, with the exception of Jacob. He told me happy birthday, and the period went on. I went to PE and said hello to Tiffany as we passed each other. In the locker room, my friend Weston told me happy birthday and we changed and went to the gym. The volleyball unit was over, and we were starting Pickleball. Weston and I chose each other as partners and we got ready to play, but we didn’t get to. As my friend Forrest tried to jump one of the nets and fell, faceplanting on the gym floor. Blood was on the ground and he was taken away by the nurse with a broken nose and a split eyebrow. They had the janitor come in and clean the floor as we just watched and were astounded by the event.

Then it was on the third period. I said hello to Tiffany again as we walked by each other again, she on her way to lunch, and I to Japanese. The day before, I had told my teacher, Mr. Harvey, that I preferred my Birthday to be kept low-key. And so it was, even though Carlee shouted Happy birthday from across the room. After that, it was lunch time. I went to my usual spot with friends Blaise and Char. I got a few more happy birthdays, and Forrest (Not the injured one) came by and was talking loudly, so we were kicked out of the hallway where we sat. But luch was over anyway, so it mattered not.

Fourth period was next. I went into class and sat through a lecture on how “Mr. Stookey (AKA, Mr. Snookums) won’t lecture us, and how our United Nations project is a year long thing and we’re not going to have to do it on our own, and he’ll help us with it every step of the way.” This lasted about half an hour. Finally, we got to go start researching our country’s ambassador.

The school day was over soon, and I went home as usual. Both my mom and TJ were there already, and after getting homework done I got ready to go. We headed out to go to Fu Lin (I guess I chose that spot to eat, but I didn’t remember). But it was closed, as it is on all Tuesdays. So, we went to Henry’s Taiwan next door and had awesome traditional food. I also got to see that I got a new set of headphones (my old ones broke), and a new water bottle that I wanted.

After that, we went to Ignite, I had to go in through the back door as I was under 21. I met up with TJ and we chose a spot (Though it was rather short lived). Then, Everyone under 21 had to be quarantined in two rows at the front. There were four of us there at the start, and by the end of the first half there were 7. The talks were great, all being interesting by being funny or informative. But not everything can be great, and some I thought boring, or just trying too hard. During the second half is when my mom spoke. Her las slide said “Happy 15th Birthday, Tyler!” And that was pretty neat. Even better, though was the fact that the over seven hundred people there all said happy birthday to me. I don’t think many can say that that has happened to them.

As we drove home, the temperature dropped down the 28 degrees Fahrenheit. And it was about midnight when I crawled into bed.

Over all, I had a great birthday. And thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday yesterday!


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