Turkey Day Update

November 26, 2009 at 11:07 pm (Other) (, , , )

Well, as I post this, Food-Coma day is coming to a close. That is, Thanksgiving to people who don’t know what that is. We had a wonderful dinner, complete with a 22lb turkey. I had a case of turkey-poisoning afterwards (I wanted to nap, really badly).

Now, for a school update.

It’s already been almost half of the school year, I noticed. I just restarted my C++ practice, and hope to finish it by the end of my freshman year.

Science is getting a bit more fun, but the Chem unit is over now. PE is still a pain (Volleyball and sore forearms). I’m slowly getting more skilled at spelling and reading in hiragana for Japanese class (I got a 41/46 on my hiragana test). World Studies is still as boring as ever, and we’re done with Latin America finally. Engineering is still really fun, and our puzzle cube portfolio was just turned in. I’m loving Geometry (Enough said). English is meh. And last, but not least: Software Tech is still too easy.

On the front of gaming, I’m really into team Fortress 2, but wishing the Xbox 360 wasn’t dead. I want Modern Warfare 2, and Assassin’s Creed 2.  But, oh well.

My Birthday is coming up, next Tuesday in fact. I’ll be 15. Then it’s Christmas, no idea what I want – really, I don’t. Don’t call me crazy though, because technically I do know, but it’s all Xbox 360 stuff. So, yeah…

That about finishes my update, so I’m going to go succumb to turkey poisoning now. Goodnight world.


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