July 23, 2009 at 6:45 pm (Books) (, )

“We Need You to Lead Us.”

A book by Seth Godin, who also wrote Purple Cow and Meatball Sundae.
This book talks about leaders and tribes. It also talks about change.
Here are some things I got out of this book;
-Tribes aren’t limited by physical boundaries now, with the internet tribes can be spread across the world.
-Leading and managing are two completly different things.
-Nothing is “stable” and change will always happen.
-You don’t have to be at the top to lead.
-You can’t just grow, you need to desire change and stregthen comunication.
-Keeping the status quo won’t let you win.
-People don’t change because they fear what will happen,
-But initative leads to happiness.
-Being afraid to fail isn’t an excuse anymore. (You won’t know till you try.)
-Tightening the current members of a tribe is a better idea than making the tribe bigger.
-No two leaders are alike, but they all decide to lead. They aren’t afraid of change, they initiate it.
-Groups grow because people spread the word, not because the leader spreads the word.

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