Why must it be us?

June 29, 2009 at 7:07 pm (Gaming) (, )

So, for a change, I’m going to be posting about one of my games.

Today’s game: Combat Arms
Made by Nexon
Military Based MMOFPS.
Great game. Once the era of hacking (Winter of 2008) was over, the game started to see new light. I had just started my fourth account, due to running out of money. I got a few of my friends into it as well. We started a clan, and things were going great!
The issue: Last patch. There’s a new set of “Mercs” that you can buy with NX (real money) or massive amounts of GP (in game money). They’re called specialists. They get a special item to use, that no one else can. One of the following: Claymores, Medkit, Grenade Launcher, or Satellite Tracker. Claymores are one hit kill versions of the Bouncing Bettys. Grenade lauchers are one hit kill chaos creaters. Medkits are a camper’s god. Satellite trackers are the camper’s bane.
They’re pretty uncommon, but they’re hell when your against one, especially when they get things like “60% resistance to Headshots” or “+20% sprint time.”
And then, whenever you finish a game, they added a new “Victory” or “Loss” music to the score screen. But instead of showing the last kill, it shows a black screen…
Come on Nexon! You fixed the Vote Kick already, and nerfed the Shottys to hell. NERF THE SPECIALISTS ALREADY!

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